Engadget Reviews Polyend Tracker, a Revolutionary Music-Making Device

Engadget, a trusted source for consumer tech reviews since 2004, has been closely following the evolution of music-making devices. One such device that has caught their attention is the Polyend Tracker, a powerful groovebox that has the potential to revolutionize your music-making process.

The Polyend Tracker stands out due to its unique approach to music production. Unlike the traditional horizontal layout of a step sequencer, the Tracker employs a vertical timeline for note playback. This unconventional format might seem daunting at first, but it could be just the thing to push your creativity out of its comfort zone. The Tracker is currently available at a significant discount of over 40 percent. This price drop is in celebration of the opening of an official Polyend shop on Reverb.

The Tracker is now priced at $359 in the US and €399 or less in Europe, making it an opportune time to explore this intriguing piece of tech. The Tracker is not alone in the market. It shares the space with other hardware trackers such as Polyend’s own Tracker Mini, the Dirtwave M8, and the NerqSEQ. However, what sets the Tracker apart is its suite of features. You can add and edit samples, and even use its FM radio function for sampling.

According to Reverb, the Tracker can be used to create any kind of electronic music. Engadget’s review of the Tracker was largely positive, awarding it a score of 86. They lauded its value for money, even at its original price of $599. The array of sample manipulation tools and the thoughtful design of the shortcuts and interface were highlighted as strong points. Despite some reservations about the somewhat old-fashioned nature of the workflow, Engadget concluded that the Tracker’s positives far outweigh its negatives. engadget.com / polyend.com

Amanda Reynolds

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