Lasso: The first in-home recycler?

Announced at CES 2022, the “Lasso” by Lasso Loop is a recycling appliance that is designed with home-use in mind.

Image from CNET/Lasso Loop

The Lasso is 5′ tall box has a similar form factor to a mid-sized dishwasher, reaching about countertop height. It is capable of sorting and recycling seven different material types, including PET and HDPE plastic; brown, green, and clear glass; as well as aluminum and steel cans.

The machine first scans the recyclable object, looking for size, shape, and bar codes to determine whether the object is recyclable. Then, if it accepts the material, the Lasso thoroughly cleans the item while removing any labels, after which it grinds the item up and spits out the pieces into one of the containers at the bottom of the machine.

After the containers fill up with recyclable goods, users can call Lasso to pick up the materials from the app.

While the appliance looks fun and possibly beneficial for the environment, the steep price of $3,500 will make it a hard pill to swallow for most. However, the company has stated that it is considering offering users bottle rebates and revenue share from the waste collected, which could sweeten the deal for some.

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