Even more Smiley is on the way with Eastpak

Remember a little bit ago when we told you about a Fossil x Smiley release (if not, it’s right here)? Well, the releases keep coming, and now we’ve got a brand that I was carrying on my back in high school and through college – Eastpak.

For this launch, they’ve got a number of different designs in the mix:

  • Padded Pak’r – their original 1976 design, in three different patterns – all-over print, graffiti on black, and iron-on patch on navy blue
  • Out of Office – similar to the Pak’r but with some additional internal organization to keep your work stuff in order; same patterns
  • Orbit – this pack is a bit smaller than the other two; same patterns
  • Springer – the good ol’ fanny pack. Sorry, waist pack. This is just in the all-over and graffiti patterns
  • Tranverz – this is wheeled carryon style luggage in three sizes (S/M/L); just comes in the graffiti pattern
  • Benchmark and Oval Single: these are pencil cases
  • Smiley Groupie: a coin case

So, a whole range of stuff you could go for if you wanted to. I know I liked Eastpak when I carried them a lot, but that was 20+ years ago now, so I can’t speak either way as to what their durability is these days. While I imagine these will show up for sale from Eastpak eventually (their landing page doesn’t show them for sale yet), Nordstrom does have the Out of Office for $67 and the Tranverz (19″ for $145 or 25″ for $165). Myself, I kind of like that Dazed ‘n Confused vibe the iron-on patch version gives.

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