10 Great Father’s Day Gifts for 2023: A Guide

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Dad does a lot for you. Why not do something nice for him? Or, barring that, buy him something nice? Below are 10 Great Father’s Day Gifts for 2023, handpicked, that the Dads on staff would love so you can be sure that your Pops will get a kick out of them.

Igloo Trailmate

Dad is probably going to say his old Coleman cooler is just fine but don’t let him change your mind. This beast can hold 70 quarts and has heavy-duty runners and wheels along with an ergonomic handle for dragging to the campsite or the beach. At $249 it’s a bit more expensive than similar coolers but this one will take a beating and still serve up brewskis in style.


This $399 case looks like something a Secret Service dude would carry for the President. Instead, it’s actually a waterproof speaker that offers 40 hours of battery life and super loud sound. The Demmerbox is aimed folks who tend to be near the water so you can splash it, dunk it, and even keep stuff inside of it. It comes in a number of colors including blaze orange for those looking for a bit of outdoor adventure.

Technics EAH-AZ80 Earbuds

These Technics earbuds are the best we’ve heard all year and well worth the $249 price tag. They’re great for noisy environments like planes and offer excellent sound quality for all types of music. We tried them out last month and came away extremely impressed. It definitely deserves to be on the list of 10 Great Father’s Day Gifts Dad will love. them.

Master Vintner Wine Making Starter Kit

Winemaking is a fun hobby and a great way to save a little money. This $199 from Midwest Supplies is one of my favorites because it includes two fermenters and all the tools you need to become an apprentice winemaker. Set Dad up with this kit and then let him buy additional gear as he needs it. He’ll definitely be happy with this as a stepping off point, though.

Casio DW-H5600 Smart Watch

If Dad doesn’t want a smartwatch give him a dumb watch that doubles as a smartwatch. The DW-H5600 is an amazing Casio G-Shock with Bluetooth support and it allows you to measure steps, heartrate and even helps you calm down when your heart rate hits the roof. It’s super small, super rugged, and so far from the Apple Watch that it might as well have come from a different planet.

Theremapen One

I’ve been extolling the virtues of simple kitchen thermometers for years and this $99 Thermapen is the best. It’s super simple, has a great battery life, and can mean the difference between a tough, dry steak and something you’d like to eat. Give this to Pops if he’s famous for hockey puck hamburgers.

MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The MA-1 is the original Bomber Jacket and this $190 model from Alpha Industries is as good as you’re going to get without digging through the bins at the Army-Navy store. A real Bomber is orange on the inside – you’re supposed to turn it inside out if you crash – and should feature a few carefully chosen zippers and red flight tags. Plus when he doesn’t want to wear it anymore you can take up the mantle.

Tissot PRX Automatic Watch

The Tissot PRX Automatic is a great timepiece for Dads who haven’t really gotten into watches. It’s affordable, attractive, and, most important, mechanical. The watch costs $650 but you can probably find it on eBay for a little bit less. Basically, you’re getting a real Swiss watch with a great movement and styling at a price that won’t scare you or him.

The Ridge Minimalist Wallet

This $75 wallet is probably the best one Dad will ever own. Thin and compact with a money clip, it allows him to carry on the cards he needs and a little cash. No long will Pops be lugging around a massive leather blob.

Even if he complains, just get him this. He needs to carry less stuff.

Fender Gold Foil Telecaster

This one is a bit spendy at $1,195 but I had to stick it in because Dad deserves a new axe (especially if he plays guitar.) This brand-new Fender features mini-humbuckers hidden under gold foil caps which make it look like something right out of a Japanese guitar catalog circa 1980. The guitar sounds great and is perfect for shredding and/or jazz chords.

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And that’s a look at 10 Great Father’s Day Gifts for 2023 – enjoy!

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