Introducing: Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair

We’ve talked about Vertagear a few different times now, including a review of their SL2000 series chair. That chair was a serious upgrade over the 10 year old Ikea chair I had been using, and using a lot more since work-from-home became a reality. If you’re still looking for a chair, the just-announced Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair may be of interest.

At first glance, the Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair looks not that vastly dissimilar from any other gaming chair, or from others in the Vertagear lineup. However, hiding under those bolsters and colors are some interesting updates that are very focused on ergonomics, which is a great thing for something that we’re sitting in a majority of the day. What features? Here’s what they’ve got to say:

  • ContourMax™ Lumbar: Vertagear’s groundbreaking new lumbar support that alleviates tension throughout your body by dynamically contouring itself to your back’s shape and movement, keeping you in a healthy posture no matter how long you sit or jitter around.
  • VertaAir™ Seat: The new seat boasts features that improve support, comfort and relieves chronic back pain. With a waterfall, wide seat design, it distributes pressure evenly across your thighs, knees, and lower body to prevent blockage of blood circulation throughout your legs.

While it’s the lumbar support that I’m the most interested in (as the standard rolled pillow that many chairs use just seems to big to be comfortable), the additional airflow and support in the seat cushion itself should definitely increase comfort as well.

Along with the ergonomic upgrades, we’ve got the usual assortment of colors you get at, LED upgrades (on some models) and some caster choices as well. The S-series is recommended for heights up to 5’10, while the P-Series is intended for taller fellows like me, accommodating heights up to 6’8″. Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

  • PL4800: $579.99 (LED upgrade kits are additional)
  • PL6800: $549.99
  • SL3800: $379.99
  • SL5800: $499.99 (LED upgrade kits are additional)

All the chairs in the Vertagear 800 Series Gaming Chair lineup come in six different colors combinations (black/white, carbon black, midnight blue, midnight green, midnight purple, and burgundy red). These chairs are currently up for pre-order now, and we’re seeing if we can get one in to compare against the SL2000 we reviewed previously. Check out the range over at


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