Introducing: Smiley x Fossil Buckner Backpack

In this day and age, just about everyone has seen the iconic smiley face. Did you know that it’s actually a registered trademark, kicking off the Smiley brand in 1972? Well, it is, and for their 50th anniversary, Smiley is collaborating with 50 brands to mark the occasion. One such collabo is the just-released Smiley x Fossil Buckner Backpack.

Externally, the Smiley x Fossil Buckner Backpack (with a detachable waist pack) does not look that different from any other backpack. Sure, the yellow and pink accents pop from the black vegan cactus material, but that’s it (at a a glance). Close inspection shows the 50th anniversary details embossed into the material, and the straps carry the Smiley name.

Open up the Smiley x Fossil Buckner Backpack, and then you’re hit with all the smiley faces you could want. Some are the standard one, and others have had a 50 put over the eyes, graffiti-style, to mark things as being special for the anniversary. These are, of course, mimicking the ones embossed on the outside.

The Smiley x Fossil Buckner Backpack is definitely for super-fans of the Smiley brand, as the 350-piece limited edition run $500 apiece (a stiff upcharge from the $330 the regular Buckner runs). Still, if it puts a smile on your face, it’s your call on how you want to spend your coin. Check it out over at

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