In Review: PNY DuoLink

Late last year, we brought you word of an intriguing new memory stick, known as the PNY DuoLink (you can read about that here). Since then, we’ve been spending time with this compact wonder and slinging some bits around with it.

As someone who remembers his first memory stick being measured in MB, that you can get a 128 GB drive in this compact of a form factor, and at a sub-$20 pricepoint, that just blows my mind, to be honest. This is easily the smallest memory stick I’ve handled, and that’s with the extra metal handle that the thing pivots inside of.

Now, you might be expecting that once you pivot to get to the connector you want (USB-A or USB-C) that it would sort of slide back into the handle – but that’s not the case at all. It just pivots around, giving you a sort of bonus fidget toy. Really, we think the handle is there to make it easier to attach to a lanyard or keychain, and to make it less easy to lose. It also gives you a fairly robust handle to hold onto when plugging in, or disconnecting, the PNY DuoLink.

Aside from the compact size, the PNY DuoLink is really, really fast. Moving files onto it is quick, and accessing them is just as snappy. For a test, we moved some files onto it via USB-A on a laptop, then moved it over to an iPad and accessed the files via USB-C.

Having both of the connectors available really makes this a very versatile memory stick. It’s just going to connect to whatever you may run across (well, not an iPhone with a lightning port). The ability to have music, documents, or whatever on this removable storage is a great way to free up space on your mobile devices. It’s also a super handy way to have another backup of important files that doesn’t rely on the cloud, and can be easily moved from one device to another.

For us, the 128GB PNY DuoLink hits that sweet spot of a reasonable amount of storage at a solid price, clocking in (currently) at $20. There’s also a 64GB version for $12.99, and a 256GB for $29.99 if you really need to store all the bits. Whatever path you go, this little piece of metal will keep those files moving. You can get it over at AmazonBest Buy, or of course direct at

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