In Review: Govee RGBIC Smart Flood Lights

I like having lights outside my house. I’ve got lights that come on when it gets dark, when there’s motion, and so on. Most of these are functional, with one set of decorative solar lights in the mix. What we’re reviewing today – the Govee RGBIC Smart Flood Lights – fall somewhere in-between on that decorative-functional range. Read on to see what we thought of them.

If you’ve been around tech gear and lighting, you already know what RGB is – it means a light where you can change the colors. What about the IC part? That’s for an integrated circuit, where you can control the individual LEDs. In practice, this means you can get a wide variety of colors showing up on these panels, and set each one to a fully different color quite simply with the Govee Home app.

First, though, you’ve got to setup the Govee RGBIC Smart Flood Lights. For that, you’re using the included thumbscrew to attach the ground spikes. Here, we liked seeing that the screw is threading into a metal insert in the spike, and not just into plastic. This makes for a sturdier connection. Also, should you wish, the bracket of the light has other holes in it, so you could devise your own mounting solution. Then it’s a matter of connecting the weather-proof cabling, providing power.

Once that’s done, you’ll first connect to the Govee RGBIC Smart Flood Lights using Bluetooth on your phone. If you wish, once you get past the initial setup, you can put it on your wifi network to control the lights from the comfort of your home rather than having to get into Bluetooth range of your setup. Since the initial setup, we’ve played with some of the pre-set themes, and also just been setting colors manually. This is all done via their app, and if you have other Govee lights in the mix, you can control them all there. Also of note, along with changing the colors, you’re able to adjust the color warmth, as well as the brightness of the panels. Oh, and if you’re having a backyard party, you can set them to be sound responsive as well.

Past that, we’ve been quite pleased with setting them on the timer in the app. Have them come on at night for a few hours, and then shut themselves off. And while we’ve not had any wild weather, we’ve had wind and rain, and they’re doing just fine. We’ll see how they do once the snow starts in, may need to raise them up at that point. If you want to get some for your home, the Govee RGBIC Smart Flood Lights come in a 2-pack for $59.99 or a 4-pack (which we reviewed) for $99.99. Those are the MSRP, at least (which is what Amazon has them at) – currently they’re going for $44.99 and $59.99 direct from

Details from Govee

  • Invite colorful displays of light to any outdoor space with these LED floodlights. With over 16 million color options, you can customize each floodlight to expand your creativity.
  • Smart App Control: Use Govee Home App and pair with Alexa.
  • RGBIC Technology: Control your lights individually for enhanced personalization.
  • Music Sync Mode: Pair your lights to your favorite music.
  • 28+ Scene Modes: Find the right lighting to fit any occasion.
  • IP66 Waterproof Rating: Protects your floodlights from harsh elements.

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