CES 2023: Govee Releases

While I don’t have any setup on our TV at the moment, having some sort of backlighting can really help with the perceived contrast. Add in some RGB lighting that can coordinate, and then things get really interesting. While Philips has been the clear leader there, the new Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is coming for the king.

At it’s core, the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is a HDMI-switch, taking three inputs and outputting a single (HDMI 2.0 is the spec, an able to do up to 4K resolution). Where the magic happens here is when you also hook in some Govee RGBIC lights (perhaps a pair of pedestals splashing onto the wall, or one tower and then a light strip adhered to the back of the TV or monitor). When that happens, then the lights can sync with the content shown on screen, or play effects when something happens in, say, a game. This kit will be coming later this year, at pricing that should be $300 – $350

They’ve also announced a brand-new LED light strip that is Matter-enabled. What’s Matter? Well, it’s like a Rosetta Stone for all of the various home automation standards, allowing devices to be compatible across Apple, Google, Amazon, and the like. Matter is a communications protocol that works over either IP (Wi-Fi, Ethernet) or Thread, a new radio standard. It’s designed to make devices easier to manufacture and be cross-compatible between the different smart-home leaders. If you’re all about home automation, you’ll probably want to check this out. govee.com

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