In Review: Mission Workshop Sector:MC Merino Crew

As we told you earlier this summer (seen here and here), we’ve been taking a closer look at wool options for t-shirts. They can be a good option for working out if you want, or as a versatile travel option, given the natural anti-microbial nature of wool. Lately, I’ve been spending time with the Mission Workshop Sector:MC Merino Crew, and have my verdict ready.

What is it?

That’s an easy question to answer. The Mission Workshop Sector:MC Merino Crew is a crewneck t-shirt that, rather than being made from cotton, it’s made from merino wool. Or, to be more precise, it’s made from a merino/nylon blend. Here, the nylon is used as a core for the fibers, which lends strength; around the outside of that, then, the merino wool is wrapped. To be extra-precise, it’s an 89% wool / 11% nylon blend.

Why choose a wool shirt?

We tend to think of wool just for when the weather gets cold, as we’re used to it being a layer to help us stay warm. And it can certainly do that, but it’s a material that just naturally helps regulate your temperature, keeping you warm or cool. Sure, your heavy sweater isn’t going to cool you in the heat, but a t-shirt, that’s a different matter.

Another solid reason is that wool is naturally anti-microbial. Which means that this is a shirt that resists odors, since the microbes can’t make a home. So, just like your wool socks that don’t need to be washed after every wear, the same goes for the Mission Workshop Sector:MC Merino Crew. Which means for travel, you can pack a lot less, and still keep looking – and smelling – fresh.

But does it really work like that?

That’s the question, right? Well, I put this one to the test. I used the shirt while flying down south to visit some friends, and wore it during that visit. A note on that – I only wore it every other day, giving the shirt a chance to air out, as well as dry out from any moisture (same thing I do for wool socks). Still, wearing it over the course of the week, while active and out in the heat, it held up great, and didn’t smell like a shirt I had worn multiple days since it’s last wash.

While at home, I’ve also been cycling through, just to see how far I could push it. Ultimately, I was able to get through six wears of the Mission Workshop Sector:MC Merino Crew (again, every other day) before I ended up washing it. And even then, it wasn’t due to odors, it was more to address the deodorant buildup that was starting to show in the pits. While the shirt is machine washable, if you’re on the road, you could probably take care of that with some gentle soap like Woolite to hit the problem areas in a sink, and then let it dry out overnight.

Would we recommend it?

In a word, yes. I found the wool used in the Mission Workshop Sector:MC Merino Crew to be relatively smooth and itch-free, and the material performed just as it’s advertised to be. For anyone looking for a way to help reduce what they need to pack on a trip, a shirt like this will definitely go a long way. It’s not an inexpensive option, but it should more than make itself worth it over the long run. If you want to get one, they’re available in black or brown for $100 direct from

Details from Mission Workshop

  • Classic crew cut tee
  • 18.9 micron 190g/sm Australian Merino Wool
  • Fully encapsulate nylon core
  • Naturally regulates body temperature
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Bottom seam logo
  • Made in New York City

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