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A few months back, we brought you word of an interesting new pair of shoes, the Kane Revive. Since that initial article, we’ve been spending time with a pair, and are here to give you our take on these rather interesting shoes.

As we pointed out in our original article, the obvious comparison someone would be making with theKane Revive would be with the ubiquitous Crocs. You’ve got a heavily vented upper, and it’s made of a super light foam (for example, our size 12 Kanes weigh 10.7 oz per shoe). That’s about where the comparisons end, to be frank. For one, the foam used in the Kanes is derived from sugar cane, while that other brand uses a petroleum-derived material. So, Kane is already ahead in the positives column – in my book – for using materials that are renewable.

The next big difference with theKane Revive is the actual design. The profile that these have is very much that of a running shoe, one of the ones with a super-cushioned sole to it (and I can confirm, these have very cushy and comfortable soles). This makes sense, because these shoes are being aimed at athletes looking for a recovery shoe to wear after their workouts. Athletic folks like their sneakers, so following that design language just fits. So much so, in fact, that their sizing is based off of standard running shoes.

While I was (at least momentarily) tempted to take theKane Revive out on my morning jog, I refrained. That’s not what these shoes are meant for, and I wasn’t about to test to see how stable or tightly fitting they were. That said, I’ve done some tearing around in the backyard playing tag with the kids, and they did feel plenty stable and supportive. So, short bursts, I think you’re good to go, but I likely wouldn’t be trying for any significant mileage in them.

Let’s talk about fit for a moment. Obviously, theKane Revive are molded into the shape that they are, and you’re not doing any sort of lacing up or pulling any straps to tighten things up. In other words, get the size you need. With a pair of socks on (and I’m fine with that, as I wear socks a majority of the time) they fit snugly. Not too tight, just snugly. When I wore them without socks, there was a little more wiggle room. Really, however you’re planning to use these, I think will dictate if you’re using them barefoot or with socks. Obviously, if you’re headed into the water, sock free is how you. And in that case, the extra wiggle room will help any sand or small stones to get out.

To slip theKane Revive shoes on, you’ve got some pull tabs (well, cords) on the back. One set comes installed, and then you’ve got two other colors that come along as well, if you want (or need) to change things out. These are to help you get a grip pulling the shoes on. In my experience, I’ve used them now and again, but I’ve found that the foam has enough stretch to it that I’m able to push the back out a bit with my finger and get my foot in just fine.

Basically, for summertime, theKane Revive have taken up permanent residence by my back door. If I’m running out to the garage, taking the trash out, or just heading out to do some yard work, these are the default shoes I head for. They’re easy to put on (and take off), they comfortable, and they’re supportive. Also, they’re super-washable. I experienced this after doing a bunch in the yard one weekend, and had them coated with grass and whatnot. Quick shot of the hose to spray it off, a quick wipe down, and then they were out in the sun for a bit to dry off. In short, the perfect shoe for whatever you’re doing around the house in warmer weather.

Past that, I could see these as being great for camping, as you often want something quick to slip on as you head out of the tent, or give you some extra protection in the water. Or, say, if you’re backpacking, to have something to let your boots dry out at the end of the day, while still having something comfortable on your feet. In other words, I see a lot of uses for theKane Revive, and feel they are way more stable, grippy, and supportive than any pair of slide-on clogs would ever be. In other words, yeah, I’m a fan. You can pick up your own Kane Revive (in a variety of colors, including the wasabi/lime that we reviewed) for $70 in both mens and womens sizing, directly from

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