In Review: eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus

Earlier this year, we brought you word about the eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus (you can see that here) amongst some other new security releases. While I’ve got various eufy cameras around the property, the detached garage was a spot without coverage. So, when eufy said they could send a eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus over to check out, it was an easy yes to give.

In terms of what all is in the box, the eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus gives you everything you need – the control unit itself (which has the camera in it), standard garage door wiring to hook into two different openers, a 10-foot USB cable (and power block) to power the camera, the door sensor, and then various attachment bits and pieces (screws, double-sided tape, and so on). eufy installs have always been fairly straight-forward, and this one is no different. Just bear in mind that this camera is a wired camera, so you’ll need to have power available. Which, if you check your ceiling by the garage door opener, you’ve probably got an open plug right there for you.

For my install, I started off indoors to ensure I was getting the device on the wifi network. I know it reaches to the garage, but wanted to give it the strongest signal for the initial setup. Then it was out to the garage. Stuck the metal plate on the opener (mine has a plastic body), ran the power cable, and hooked in the garage door wiring. Nothing could be simpler there, and it was all done in a little over 30 minutes. Once it was all installed, it was time to test things out.

Checking the camera in the eufy app, everything was copacetic there. The last piece was to configure the controller with the garage door opener, and there’s a wizard that steps you the setup. This is where I discovered that, no, my particular door opener was not compatible with the device. I say that because one thing you’re going to want to check is if your door opener is compatible with the eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus:

While I’ve got a Genie door, it’s not the Series II, so my opener was not compatible. Is all lost, if you’re in that boat? Not necessarily. eufy also provides a method that you can test to get things working by shorting the wires to see if things behave. In my setup, I tried a few different things, but I was not able to get it functioning (I stopped short of shorting the wires, as that just felt like a bad idea, electrically).

Despite that, I do like having that camera up there hanging under the opener keeping an eye on things (though, there are more affordable camera-only options from Eufy that you could get as well if that’s what you’re looking for). For those with a compatible opener (or a bit more electrically adventurous), being able to control the garage from your phone is a nicety, but I really think getting the alerts of when your door has been open for a long time is great. Or even double-checking (when you’re at the end of the street) that the garage is closed, and not having to turn around to double check that.

Door sensor

While we reviewed the $129.99 eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus, there is a $99.99 version that just controls a single opener (and you’ll need to provide your own memory card). Oh, and that’s worth noting – while many of the eufy security devices communicate with the HomeBase II, the eufy Garage-Control Cam Plus shows up as it’s own device. Which means that, if you’re in the habit of changing your security modes (say, from home to away) you’re changing it in two places, and not just one.

If I were casting wishes, the ability to integrate that a little more tightly would be first. And secondly, allowing the controller to communicate with the opener more like a generic clicker (using the Learning button on the opener) rather than hard-wiring would be a solid route to go. For those who have a compatible garage opener and don’t mind a little of DIY out in the garage, you’ll be rewarded with a great view of your garage, with all the customization and alerting that we’ve come to expect from eufy cameras. /

Details from eufy

  • Control Up to 2 Doors: Conveniently use 1 device to open or close up to 2 garage doors, works on sectional, roller and tilt doors. Compatible with major branded openers manufactured after 1993 with safety sensors and please check the compatible list before you purchase.
  • Easily Use with Your Phone: Connect to Garage-Control Cam Plus via the eufy Security app to monitor the 2K HD real-time view from anywhere.
  • Get Real-Time Notifications: Always feel secure with instant image and text alerts whenever your door opens or closes, plus receive reminders if the door is left open for too long.
  • Avoid False Alarms: The on-device AI distinguishes between humans and other objects to keep unnecessary notifications from reaching you.
  • Free Yourself From Hassle: Garage-Control Cam Plus is magnetized for simple installation, plus all of your recordings are stored on 32 GB local storage, free of charge.

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