Anker introduced some more Eufy Security items during CES

At CES, Anker introduced a number of new items. We covered their new WFH camera setup last week, and today, we’re talking about their latest security items. Just as we’ve seen in prior reviews and articles (see those here), those come out under their home automation brand, Eufy.

I’ve been a fan of the Eufy wireless doorbell (review) since I installed it on our house. For one, it gave us a doorbell where we had none before, without needing to run wires. Secondly, it gives me a video view of the front of our home. For this newest version – the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual – there’s actually a second camera built-in. Why is that? Simply put, it’s to keep an eye on packages left on your porch. You’ve got the main front-facing camera looking for people, and the second camera at a 45-degree angle, keeping an eye on what is left on your porch. It won’t stop a porch pirate, but it’ll certainly give you recordings to help identify who grabbed your shipment of toilet paper. It’s expected to launch February 8th and run $259.99 (presumably for one with the Homebase 2; we guess an add-on doorbell will be less expensive)

Next, we’ve got the eufy Security Garage-Control Cam/ Plus. Sure, you’ve put smarts on your door locks and put cameras up, but what about your garage door? With this particular device, you get a sensor that can tell you if the door is open or closed and a camera that will keep an eye on the contents of the garage. Not only that, you can open/close the garage door from your phone, or even when you trip over a geofencing boundary. No details just as of yet as to how it wires in (hopefully just a supplement to your existing remote clicker controller and not a replacement), but it seems like a tidy upgrade for the garage. The base version is going to run $99, while the Plus version that can control two garage doors will be $129. This should be available in March 2022.

Finally, we’ve got the eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, which is currently available at $299. While pricey, this is a solid combination of functionality. If you’ve got a part of your yard that you’re wanting to keep an eye on, odds are you also want to be able to shine a bunch of light. While their other cameras pack in small LED lights, this one has a number of improvements that may suggest it. First off, you’ve got a camera that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to track over a large swath of land. Secondly, you’ve got three large LED panels that can be adjusted to light up where you need it (and even tune the hue of the lights). In our book, perfect for mounting at the corner of your house, or perhaps on a garage that’s set further back in the yard.

And with that, we’ll close out this quick roundup of the newest Eufy security releases. I’m personally a fan of their ecosystem, as it keeps all of your recordings stored locally, giving you the control over what to do with them (and if you want, you can get a subscription to add in cloud storage). You can check out the full range of their offerings over at

Details from eufy

eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual

  • Dual Camera: Includes both a 2K camera and a 1080p camera, to provide a fuller view of the front porch. The top camera (160° FOV) captures the face and body of the visitor, while the downward-facing camera (120°FOV) monitors packages left on the doorstep.
  • Dual Motion Detection: Uses radar and PIR technology to help more accurately detect humans and reduce false alarms by 95%*.
  • Family Recognition: With advanced AI technology, the doorbell can recognize your family and friends from strangers.
  • Package Detection: The AI can also identify packages, reminding consumers when packages have arrived.
  • No Monthly Fee: The Homebase 2 provides 16GB free local storage, up to 90-day** encrypted video.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 6 months with one single charge.
  • Work with Voice Assistants: Alexa and Google voice commands.

eufy Security Garage-Control Cam/ Plus

  • All-in-One Garage Control: It’s not only a door controller that can be used to remotely open/close the garage door, but also comes with a built-in camera — a real-time view of the garage, as well as a door sensor, which detects the status of the door and alerts you when you forget to close it.
  • Multiple Ways to Control Garage Door: Control your garage door from anywhere at anytime. Just tap on the App, voice command, or via geofencing detection. The Garage-Control Cam Plus can support two-door control*.
  • See Details in Real Time: Pinpoint small details with 1080P/2K resolution in real-time to protect your garage and belongings, day and night.
  • On-Device AI Detection: With AI Detection, it sends notifications only when it senses humans and vehicles, and the accuracy is up to 99%. On-device AI performs faster and brings more security and privacy.
  • No Monthly Fee with Local Storage: Provides 32GB local storage with SD card without additional payment*, and supports 24/7 continuous recording with 4s pre-rol to get a more complete picture of what’s happening outside your door.

eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

  • 360° Pan and Tilt Camera Coverage :Pan the lens 360° horizontally to get a complete view without the risk of blindspots.
  • 2K Full HD:Catch all the details in full 2K HD when live-streaming and recording footage.
  • Smart lighting with 3 Tunable Light Panels:Adjusts spotlight color temperature and brightness based on sunrise and sunset, schedules, and motion detection
  • AI Subject Lock and Tracking :The on-device AI recognizes when a person is present then locks, tracks, and records the subject.
  • Turn Night Into Day:3,000-lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights deter intruders and ensure detailed, full-color recordings even at night.

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