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When I first got back into camping with my family, I saw other folks with small utility carts hauling things back and forth, and I never quite got the reason for it. I mean, I can carry all this stuff, can’t I? Well, eventually, you’ll hit a campsite that’s a further hike, or you’ve got too much stuff to haul from the parking lot to the beach. Then something like the Outisan e-Wagon could prove to be quite handy.

Now, on one hand, this is a collapsible utility cart that can haul to to 180 pounds of gear, yardwork stuff, or whatever. You can find those lots of places, right? What makes the Outisan e-Wagon interesting is the fact that it’s got a battery boost. Trying to haul that 180 pounds up a hill? The electric motor helps keep you moving. Going downhill? The motor can control the descent so the cart doesn’t run you over.

Even going across level ground or the lawn, that battery boost could be a boon if you’re doing a lot of hauling, if you ask me. And on full charge, it can go up to 7 miles, so you shouldn’t get left in the lurch. Of course, this sort of convenience doesn’t come cheap. Earlybird pricing starts at $450 for the cart with a battery, and additional batteries start at $169. It’s quite a jump up from your regular utility cart, but if you’re regularly hauling a lot of stuff, this could be a boon. Check out the fully funded campaign – if you’re interested – before things close out on November 14, 2022. campaign page

Tech Specs from Outisan

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