Embark on Adventures with the Able Carry Daybreaker 2: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Able 2 daybreaker

By now, you should be familiar with Able Carry. We’ve reviewed a few of their backpacks (here and here), and have focused on the bags that are really built for when you need to carry a laptop, plus other extra things for the day (or a few day trip). What if you’re really wanting to get away from it all, and leave the laptop behind? That’s where the Able Carry Daybreaker 2 comes in.

What is it?

The Able Carry Daybreaker 2 is a backpack that sort of bridges between the sort of bag you’re using to carrying day-to-day and one that’s much more purpose-built for hitting a trail. There’s no internal frame, but that’s not what this 25L bag is about. This is more for day-tripping, or having something that you can use as a carry-on on your trips.

What do we like about it?

The Able Carry Daybreaker 2 continues on with the details we really liked from our prior reviews (to be clear, we’ve not seen this bag in person). For starters, it’s got a clean, minimalist exterior, lacking the large multitude of logos that are often visible on outdoors gear.

The clean exterior also means you’ve got less to get snagged on branches as you go down the trail. While the outside is sleek, the interior is chock full of organization spots, even including an internal water bottle pocket as well as a sleeve for you to slip a hydration bladder into (for those longer day hikes).

Who’s it for?

The Able Carry Daybreaker 2 looks to be a great all-arounder sort of a bag. So long as you’re not looking for something that is a laptop carrier first and foremost (and you could carry one here if you needed, just supply your own padded sleeve), this should be an excellent bag.

So, day trips down the trail, hopping on a train or plane for a few days, hauling things back and forth for game night with the friends, or heading out to the concert in the park with snacks and drinks – this bag will handle it all.

Where do I get one?

Well, friends, first you need to decide if you want it in black cordura ripstop ($128) or olive green X-Pac ($162). Then head right on over to Able Carry, order yours, and get ready for summer adventures. ablecarry.com

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