What is Apple Watch Ultra’s “night mode?”

apple watch night mode

While we know that widgets are coming to WatchOS 10, Apple Watch Ultra users will be pleased to learn that they’ll soon also have night mode, a new feature that reduces brightness and blue light on the watch face thanks to Apple Watch Ultra’s Night Mode.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra’s night mode uses the ambient light sensor which tells the watch when to turn on night mode. The feature reduces blue light and turns the interface to red and black. Red is supposed to be better on the eyes in the dark and it reduces the time needed to regain your own night vision when glancing at the watch.

In Auto mode, the smartwatch will automatically adjust the display settings based on ambient lighting conditions. You can also manually adjust the display brightness and color temperature to their preference or disable the Night Mode feature entirely, allowing users to use their Apple Watch without any automatic adjustments.

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To try night mode with WatchOS 10, go to the Wayfinder face and turn the digital crown until night mode appears. The whole screen will turn red and you’ll be ready to infiltrate enemy strongholds like Jason Bourne. Remember that it only works with the Wayfinder face so be sure to enable it. No word yet on if the watch will support night mode in other faces.

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