Give your toes some breathing room as you run with NimbleToes

If you’re thinking about getting into better shape, running – at least at first – seems like one of the easiest things to pick up. Just get a pair of running shoes on your feet, and off you go. Then, if you get serious about it, you realize that there’s a lot more that can go into shoe selection (it’s why stores will precisely measure your foot and check your stride to recommend things). What if you’ve embraced the “barefoot style” and want to run? There are a few brand that comes to mind (Xero and Vivo) but those tend to eschew the cushiony feel of running shoes. Enter NimbleToes.

With NimbleToes, you’re getting the wider footbox (which allows your toes to spread, and can do some very nice biomechanical things for your foot and body) while still giving some decent cushioning. They keep the barefoot promise by having a zero-drop sole (like the Lems boots that I wear regularly). In other words, you can have all of the benefits of a barefoot-style shoe while still getting some buffer between you and the pavement.

Speaking of pavement – NimbleToes went in an interesting direction for their partner in developing the Soles – Goodyear. Yeah, the same folks designing tires for your vehicle can also put that rubber compound know-how to work on keeping your feet properly gripping the sidewalk, track, or trail.

Now, the Indiegogo campaign is only at 50% funding (of it’s goal), but it’s a flexible goal, so hopefully we’ll see these hitting the feet of the backers. Earlybird pricing starts at $139 (two slots left at that price) which really isn’t that expensive for a good pair of running shoes, let alone one that brings the barefoot mechanics to the table as well. The campaign wraps up March 19, 2020, with delivery anticipated for May. project pages

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