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When it comes to wearable technology, there are all manner of devices that you can strap on to your wrist. These generally take the form of a fitness tracker, or a more robust smart watch that lashes up to your phone an also brings along some fitness tracking. What if you could have something that was something else altogether? That?s what the Get wearable is offering up.

To start with, yes, the Get wearable will track your heart rate, your sleep, and all the normal fitness stuff you?d want to see (it?s unclear as to what services that data would sync into). Where things get interesting is when you realize that it?s doing this in a design that looks like a slap bracelet or watch strap, but without any watch head, puck, or any sort of screen whatsoever. It?s more than just a simple ?dumb? bracelet, however.

Via the magic of Bluetooth Low Energy, it can establish a connection to your phone. It can give you alerts (vibrating, presumably) of incoming messages and phone calls (and even work as a silent alarm clock). Back to that phone call, though. If one comes in, you can answer it with the Get. It?s got some fancy built-in bone conduction technology, which means you put your finger to your ear, which then puts the Get close to your mouth. You hear the call transmitted to your ear, and a mic pics up your voice. This is definitely the big differentiator here, and will let you live out your secret agent daydreams.

With that mic, you can also use the Get wearable to interact with voice assistants, if you so desire. Past that, the Get has a fingerprint sensor (so only you can unlock the thing) and a NFC chip so you can use it for cashless payments. This is done via a prepaid ?card? that is built into the Get strap (and that?s why the fingerprint reader is necessary). Presumably, you might also be able to use this unlock other devices (say, your laptop) between the NFC and bluetooth.

In terms of battery life, the Get is stated to run for 5 days. After that, you?ll need to pop it onto the wireless charger, and after an hour, it?ll be fully topped up and ready for another 5 days. Not bad for something packaged so thinly. Even for all that, though, it is still water resistant, and they?re planning to allow users to swap out the cloth covers for some personalization.

The Get wearable is available on Kickstarter right now (ending in under an hour!! ), with pricing starting at $128 and the campaign wrapping up on July 31. Funding is at 400% so it seems like this might hit the market. This is a wearable that seems to promise an awful lot for what it?s got, so we?ll be following the journey to see how things go along. If all goes to plan, backers should get their product in March 2020. In the meantime, we?ll also see if we can?t get a review unit in to take it for a spin. project page or

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