Ride1UP Revv1: an electric fat-tire bike for any terrain

Ride1UP Revv1

When Covid first hit 4 years ago, I switched from going to the gym to heading out on the trails near my home. Sometimes it was in my sneakers, and other times I’d be out on my trusty (and don’t ask me how old) Trek Hybrid. Sometimes I would see people riding fat tire bikes, and found myself intrigued. It seemed like a comfy ride, but I wondered about pushing those big tires over the miles. Or, you know, you could go with something like the Ride1UP Revv1 and help your legs out.

Ride1UP Revv1

Ride1UP Revv1: what is it?

At a basic level, the Ride1UP Revv1 is a familiar profile. It’s your standard pedal-driven cycle being helped out with an electric motor and battery pack. If you wanted to, you could get yourself quite the workout simply pedaling the 83 – 93 lb bike. Why that weight difference? It depends on the suspension choice you make. For comparison, your average mountain bike weighs 20 – 30 lbs. However, with that 750W motor, you can easily get an assist to get started, help you up some hills, or ramp up the speed.

  • Ride1Up Revv1
  • Ride1Up Revv1

How fast can it go?

That’s the question, right? Out of the box, the Ride1UP Revv1 is configured as Class 2 ebike. This means you can get up to speeds of 20 MPH with pedaling and the motor assist. There’s a Class 3 rating, as well as an off-road mode, which lets you hit speeds of 28+ MPH (private road and trail use only, please). They also tease something called a boost mode (only in the offroad mode). This allows you to crank the amps being supplied, helping to increase acceleration. If you want more details on all the modes, you can see that here.

Of course, the higher speeds you have, that is going to reduce range. Range will depend on throttle use, terrain, and the rider’s weight. With all of that, they’re estimating a range of 30-60 miles. This makes it perfect for popping around town for the quick errand, or maybe getting around the campground. Our suspicion is that it is probably a more stable ride feel than converting your own bicycle.

  • Ride1Up Revv1

Why do we like the Ride1UP Revv1?

Most of the focus on electric vehicles these days is on cars and trucks. While strides are made there, we should not forget about two wheels. They’re inherently lighter, and their basic layout lend to an easy electric remodel. I used to ride a motorcycle, and the overall frame layout of a bike lends itself to balancing the weight of the battery and motor while keeping a look that is recognizable. Looking at it, it really puts me in mind of an old-school sort of a trail bike.

Given that it can hit some higher speeds, they’ve wisely put hydraulic disc brakes on it, helping you get safely to a stop. To ensure others can see you, you’ve got LED lighting in the front and back, as well as turn signals. Should those fail, you’ve got the classic amber reflectors on the pedals.

Past that, we like that those wide 20″ x 4″ tires are covered with fenders. This will help to keep from rocks kicking up at you, or you ending up with a line up your back if you go through the mud. Finally, they’re already getting things going with OE accessories. While it comes with standard goodies installed – including a slick display – they’re ready for you to make the Ride1UP Revv1 your own. To start with, they have additional storage options, footpegs, and other items. That can be tricky waiting for the aftermarket to produce items for a new vehicle, so it’s great they’ve got them right of the gate.

Wrapping things up

If you want to get your own Ride1UP Revv1, you basically have two decisions to make. First off, you need to decide if you want just the front suspension, or if you want the full suspension, which keeps that back wheel from sending shocks up your spine. Past that, you have to figure out if you want your frame to be done up in grey, green, or khaki. Paint color won’t impact pricing, but the suspension does, given the extra components (and two-piece frame). With just the front suspension, you’re looking at $1,895, while the full suspension takes things to $2,395. So, no, this is not something you’re going to get for your kids to goof around on.

Competition will obviously be the regular internal combustion motorcycles, but we think the pedal-and-chain configuration will make this feel more approachable for those intimated by a motorcycle. Whatever your experience is, we think that the Ride1UP Revv1 looks like great fun bombing down a trail – just don’t forget a helmet. Check out all the details, and order your own, at ride1up.com

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