Back to basics with the Formex Element

Today, we?re reviewing the Formex watch that many of you are most familiar with. Previously, we?ve looked at the Formex Pilot Chronograph and the Formex Essence Chronometer, which is their take on a dress watch. In terms of design, the Formex Element Chronograph sort of splits the difference between those two watches, and we got to spend some time with a loaner recently.

So, how exactly does the Formex Element split the difference? It?s obviously got the larger dimensions of the Formex Pilot, and they both house the same movement. In terms of the overall styling, however, it?s taken in a slightly more subtle direction, and we can see how that influenced what became the Formex Essence. This is most prevalent in the case suspension system. From the sides, it?s there and visible, but color-matched to the other materials around it (titanium and steel). On the front of the watch, the suspension system is made to look more like fasteners holding the bezel in place, rather than being outboard (and their own thing) – again, taking things in a subtler direction. So, while the?Formex Pilot?is maybe more akin to a muscle car bombing down the road with open headers, the Formex Element is more like a modern sports car – all the power, just not quite as noisy.

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