It’s retro, it’s portable, and I’m smitten with the Evercade

As a child of the 80s (technically GenX, I guess?) video games have a special place in my mindshare. I remember playing our Intellivision, then Atari 2600 (plus games my dad wrote on the Atari 800), eventually graduating to the original Nintendo. While modern games are fun in their own right, those games from the formative years just have a hold on you.

We’ve certainly seen a number of brands take advantage of that, releasing retro versions of their old systems, complete with pre-loaded games. Taking things up a notch is something that is coming (but not releasing until March 2020) – the Evercade. Take all that retro goodness, put it in a portable format, and then rely on cartridges to load the games in place.

You may cry out – what, no internet? No local storage? Maybe inconvenient in the long road trip scenario, I’m ok. If I were to pick one of these up, it would either be played on my daily commute, or at home hooked up to the TV via HDMI, to introduce my kids to the joys of “old school” games. This is a release I’ll be following closely, and we’ve reached out to the brand to see if we can get more info. Some of the specs are in the photo up top, and the full game list they’re planning to launch with can be found here. Past that, you can head on over to their site to sign up for the mailing list, and we’ll all see what’s what with this new device.

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