In Review: Adidas SP0067 sunglasses

We’ve reviewed some sunglasses from brands you may not have heard of before, but today, it is undoubtedly a brand you’re familiar with. Adidas products have been iconic on and off the field, and they of course have options to help keep your eyes shaded, such as the Adidas SP0067 sunglasses.

What are they?

For starters, the Adidas SP0067 sunglasses are, well, sunglasses. They have a fairly generous fit (the frames measure in at 60-14-135) (here’s more on what those measurements mean), which means they even fit comfortably onto my oversize noggin. And we did find them to be quite comfortable, even without any softer-touch materials on the arms. This is due mostly to the very lightweight construction (plastic frames do that for you) along with the softer materials used on the bridge.

How was it wearing them?

As we mentioned, the Adidas SP0067 sunglasses were pretty comfortable due to the light construction. I wore them out on some jogs, and while they didn’t call out any hydrophilic materials (like on some we’ve tested), I did not encounter any issues with them bouncing around or slipping down my nose.

In other words, they were solid all-around usage sunglasses. Handy for exercise, or for just popping on to go run some errands. With some flex in the arms and frames themselves, they can fit onto larger heads (like mine), even when pushed up on top of your head when you walk in somewhere.

What would we change?

If I could change one thing on the Adidas SP0067 sunglasses, it would be the lenses. They block the sunlight well enough, but I’ve become so accustomed to how polarized lenses work, I would have liked to see that here. That’s a relatively minor thing, though, and boils down to my preferences.

Where can I get a pair?

While you can more information on the different versions directly from Adidas Eyewear, our marketing friends who put these into our hands for the review recommend While the MSRP for the pair we were sent comes in at $125, we’re seeing that they’re currently available for $78, which is a tidy discount, especially if you’re looking for a new pair of sunnies for summertime.


Frame Color:Matte Black
Frame Material:Plastic
Frame Shape:Geometric
Frame Type:Full Rim
Lenses Color:Green
Warranty:2 years

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