Is Google kidding us with this headphone jack shit?

I realize that by reposting this video I’m playing into their marketing plan but seriously? Look, I love me a headphone jack as much as the next guy. Big fan of them on my Switch, my handheld retro devices, and my laptop. But at this point if I can get my phone thinner and my battery bigger, you can take away the damn microphone in my next iPhone. This is disingenuous and honestly a little unsavory.

From daringfireball:

Keep in mind as you watch this that Jony Ive left Apple two years ago, and Apple dropped headphone jacks from new iPhones five years ago starting with the iPhones 7. Google’s own high-end Pixels dropped headphone jacks in 2017. As of next month, 40 percent of all iPhone model years will have been headphone-jack-free. This feels about as relevant as mocking the original iMac for not having a floppy drive.

This is the same dumb shit Samsung did when it made fun of hipster haircuts with its notch ads. Ultimately, who cares?

John Biggs

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