Widgets cannot steal your information.

There’s this new meme circulating of people saying RIP to your new background and widgets, because they think Widgets, and the popular Widgetsmith are slowing down their phone and stealing your information.

Don’t share that. You can help stop spreading something that’s completely false.

Widgets cannot steal information. Widgets cannot log keystrokes.

Widgets cannot text your bank info to people.

If your iPhone is slow, guess what: You installed 14.0, the first version of a new release. Expect 14.1, 14.2 releases to speed things back up a little as developers find bugs and fix them.

What’s this bullshit rumor?

Here you go. These are the people who say, “I don’t know, but don’t install it” spreading fear while admitting they have no idea.

Why is this impossible

Here’s the words of the Widgetsmith developer himself.

But it’s not just for Widgetsmith – this is untrue for every widget.

Widgets don’t have keyboard access. Widgets can’t keylog.

Life is difficult, stop making it worse by spreading fear of something that people were always safe from.

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