Where do you find fantastic beasts? In Fantastic Lairs, of course!

When it comes to getting things prepped for the DnD campaign I’m running for friends at work, I’m totally down with getting assistance from prepared modules and such. My first time running the table, that’s what I’ve used, and I’ve supplemented the homebrew world with them since. It makes it easier, especially on a new DM. One of the latest resources coming available is Fantastic Lairs.

Rather than being a wholly pre-set adventures, the Fantastic Lairs looks to be offering a way that you can plug in various challenges into your campaign, based on what makes sense for the setting and world, and what works for the level of the player characters in your party. All this, and it’s coming from a name I recognize (due to having some of the prior books), Sly Flourish (well, on this cover it’s Mike Shea you see).

For your pledge, you’re getting lairs perfect for parties of 1st to 10th level characters; once some stretch goals are hit, then you’ll have stuff up to 20th level. This is more than just a source book, though. Along with all the things you’ll need to read, you’ll be getting digital resources that will allow you to put the maps up into virtual tabletop (VTT) systems such as Roll20 without any additional work. And trust me, if the maps aren’t ready for a system like that, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

The campaign for Fantastic Lairs is running right now, and you can get an all-digital tier for $15, or at $20 you’ll be setup to get a print-on-demand copy as well (handy for reference, in my experience) from DriveThruRPG (the printing/shipping will be another $6-8, it sounds like). If you like what you’re hearing, checkout the campaign (it’s already funded and runs until July 1st) as it’s got some fully-playable samples you can check out. campaign page

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