It’s back – the KontrolFreek CQC Thumbsticks

When it comes to accessories for whatever your favorite piece of gear is, we tend to look fondly back on the past. Perhaps it was truly a boost in functionality, or it was just hitting at that sweet spot in time where we were engaged with the device, and the add-on really made an impact. For those who want to recapture that, but want to replicate it with a current-gen console, there’s the newly reintroduced KontrolFreek CQC Thumbsticks.

The KontrolFreek CQC Thumbsticks first hit shelves ten years ago now, and the new edition capture the feel of the original – literally. The top surface is still concave and nubby, while the back of the thumbsticks have been updated to a four-prong configuration, to latch on more securely to your Playstation or Xbox controller.

Along with changing the grip surface of your controller’s thumbsticks, they’re also adjusting the physics. By making the thumbsticks a touch longer (6.1mm) you’ve got a larger lever you’re dealing with, which of course changes travel and force applied. They’re a fairly inexpensive thing to try out as well, as the CQC Performance Thumbsticks are available for $19.99 at

Key Product Features

  • The world’s most advanced thumb grips with next-gen 4-Prong design to meet ergonomic and performance gaming needs for next-gen consoles and gamers
  • Mid-Rise Thumbsticks delivers 6.1mm of added height to original stock controller sticks for enhanced control and increased comfort
  • Provides an increased range of motion and accuracy, while decreasing hand & thumb fatigue, along with reduced dead zone resistance  
  • Proprietary rubber compound enhances grip and reduces slip 
  • Available for PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 4 | Xbox X/S | Xbox One  

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