Universal Audio announces the SD-1 Dynamic Microphone

Universal Audio makes some really nice music and podcasting gear. Now they’ve branched out from their standard digital audio boxes to something quite a bit more interesting: a $299 SD-1 dynamic mic for nearly everyone.

The mic is pretty standard. It features a big windscreen and shock mount and connects via an XLR port. There are two filters, a low cut filter (bass roll-off) and an articulation boost. It’s also directional and highly controlled which makes it good for close vocal micing as well instruments.

The SD-1 is the first of UA’s microphone line, which is an interesting move. We’ll take a closer look and bring you some reviews shortly. Here’s a reader-submitted review that dives into the details:

UA SD-1 Specs

  • LENGTH: 7.7 in
  • DIAMETER: 2.4 in
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 1.6 lb
  • POLAR PATTERN: Cardioid
  • IMPEDANCE: 2000 Ohms (output)
  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 50 Hz – 16 kHz
  • FILTERS: Low Cut Filter (200 Hz): Off, On; 
Articulation Boost (3 – 5 kHz): Off, On
  • SENSITIVITY -58 dB (1.3 mV) ref 1V at 1 Pa, 1 kHz

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