This self-driving garbage can will take itself out

Worried about leaving your leavings in the back yard? SmartCan has your back.

Created by Andrew Murray, the robot will drag itself out to the curb on trash day. It currently uses a sensor system to help the robot position itself on the curb. Interestingly, the system connects to almost any municipal trash can and is self charging via a dock.

From Gizmodo:

The SmartCans appear to rely on a pair of docking stations for navigation, which could be problematic for those who live in areas where the city simply won?t let them install one on a public curb, or where there?s the risk of them being damaged from high foot traffic, so hopefully its creator will offer an alternative way to help them find their way. Presumably, the cans do need to be regularly charged, which isn?t a huge inconvenience if the docks are able to provide that functionality the same way they do with robovacs. But there are other potential logistical roadblocks, including the likely need for a homeowner to remember to open the garage or a backyard gate to let the robocans out on trash day, and what happens when, after being emptied, one of these cans is simply tossed back on the sidewalk and left on its side?a popular past time of many trash collectors.

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