This Czech bike seat is 3D-printed to match your bum

A Czech company called Posedla – basically “seat” in Czech – has created a system for 3D-printing bike seats using a shaping algorithm and an industrial 3D printer. The resin saddles are designed to take up the rider’s weight precisely and offer more comfort than an off-the-shelf model.

The only thing the Czech cycling tech company Posedla needs to create a made-to-measure saddle is a rider’s sit bones imprint and ride preferences. They spent two years developing an algorithm that transforms this data into customized saddles on an industrial 3D printer. Customers can place the order from the comfort of their homes. The patent pending Joyseat structure allows for individual parts of the saddle to be made to different stiffnesses to match the individual needs and sit bones of each rider. 

The seat costs $490 and the company sends you a Smiling Butt Kit to measure your sit bones.

3D printing hasn’t really made it into mainstream manufacturing… yet. That said, this product is backed by Josef Prusa, the grandfather of 3D printing, and it’s clever implentation of a powerful tool.

“We managed to break the mold of assembly-line production of saddles by taking full advantage of industrial 3D printing with Multi Jet Fusion technology. We are driven by positive feedback from our customers who appreciate comfort and welcome the possibility of finally having a fully customized saddle,” said Martin Ripa, co-founder of Posedla.

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