The Skagen Falster shoots for three

Well, well, looks like I had basketball on the brain coming up with that headline. No, Skagen isn’t doing anything with the NBA (Tissot has that locked). Rather, they recently introduced a new version of their smartwatch, the Skagen Falster 3.

If you recall, we reviewed the Skagen Falster 2 not that long ago. In large part, this design looks much the same as the v2 of the watch. There are changes hiding under the hood, however. You’ve got a new processor (they’ve gone from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 to the 3100; no word on if it has electrolytes), doubled storage (8 GB) and boosted RAM (now at 1 GB). So, you know, solid steps forward to keep things running fast.

The Skagen Falster 3 also brings a speaker to the table. Why? Well, so you could take calls from your wrist – no need to pull out the phone or a headset, just do your best Dick Tracy impersonation and get business done. Just, you know, be considerate to those around you and don’t make calls (or try to pump the jams through this micro speaker) in crowded spaces, yeah?

More importantly – for a smart watch – the Skagen Falster 3 packs in some attention to the battery, with four preset modes, including one that’s called ‘Extended Battery’ which still allows for notifications and heart rate tracking, while giving you multiple days on a charge (in theory, you could go away for the weekend without needing to bring the charging cable).

Speaking of heart rate, the Skagen Falster 3 is also coming preinstalled with a Cardiogram app which will help visualize what your heart is doing. I plug this in more of the curiousity / training data sort of realm, as it’s not carrying any of the medical-specific endorsements that, say, the latest Apple Watch does. Still, if you’re interested in what your heart is doing (and are willing to take the battery hit for 24/7 HR monitoring), it’s there for you.

Last, but not least, there’s also a special edition of the watch that sees Skagen teaming up with X by Kygo, the brand started by the Skandinavian DJ. For that, it seems like it’s basically a custom watch face (and maybe the case finishing?), but that won’t be available until the spring. For the main line, however, that’s available now, at the same price we saw the prior version – $295. It’s a clean, clean design with upgrade internals. Suffice to say, if you liked the original, you’ll probably be a fan of this new version.


  • Sound alerts for notifications, alarms, timers, etc.
  • Hear responses from the Google Assistant
  • Google Translate speak out translation
  • Play third party music direct from watch
  • Answer tethered calls directly from watch

Features/Specs from Skagen

  • Function-Based Dials for quick access to favorite features
  • 42 MM Case
  • Smartwatch Notifications
  • Custom Goal Tracking
  • Customizable Watch Faces (including X by KYGO)
  • The Google Assistant
  • Interchangeable Straps
  • Powered with Wear OS by Google
  • Qualcomm? Snapdragon WearTM 3100 Platform
  • Compatible with iOS 10.0+ or AndroidTM 6.0+ (excluding Go edition)*

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