The most affordable Casio Edifice yet

We here at Knapsack are fans of technology, and things that improve our lives. We’re also big fans of watches (and that’s why we also write WWR). We’ve covered a number of Casio Edifice watches on both sites, but the one they just announced – the Casio Edifice EFR571DB-1A1 – is the most affordable one I’ve seen yet.

To look at the Casio Edifice EFR571DB-1A1 is to gaze upon familiarity. Well, that is, if you’ve been looking at the Edifice lineup. And you know, that’s ok. They’ve got the product they know, and they iterate one it and mix up the color schemes to get things to where there’s likely one that will appeal to your sense of style. The big key here are those gradient-faded red tones on the chronograph minute and seconds registers.

One additional thing that I like on the Casio Edifice EFR571DB-1A1 is what appears to be (at least from the photo released) a larger date display than we’ve seen previously. When dials become cluttered with chronograph outputs, sometimes the date can get lost, but here it looks like it’s holding it’s own.

While prior watches in the Edifice lineup have focused on some smart-watch connectivity, it looks like the Casio Edifice EFR571DB-1A1 has eschewed that a bit. So why feature it here? Well, those smartwatch focused ones may have grabbed your eye, and this release provides a more economical alternative. And, at $140 (when it’s released later in August) this is very much an affordable watch. Add in a 100m WR, 3 year battery life, and of course that chronograph, you’ve got a “dumb” watch that can do a lot on your wrist without breaking the bank.

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