The Matchbox Collection is a set of amazingly compact board games

Little one or two-player board games are great. They’re fun, quick to play, and portable. That’s why I like this collection from Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, a game designer from Seville.

This collection features five card games including Eiyo, a samurai game, and Golems, a game of summoning monsters.

From the site:

Presenting 5 euro-styled games, part of our new Matchbox Collection. All games have been created along Italian authors and the illustrators that you have already seen in our previous titles. Each game has its own identity and the boxes are as small as 12×8 cm. You can carry them with you, slide the matchbox and play in just 20 minutes with cards and small bits that will make the whole experience so satisfying!

Each game has its own rules, cards, and special tokens and each is made with loving care by some of the best game designers in the business. The bad part? The collection costs about $60 in total, quite a penny to spend on a few good card games. That said, when else are you going to get this much fun in a single package?

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