February is “Snag-A-Normie” month for tabletop games

If you haven’t convinced your friends and neighbors to sit down to a game of Cards Against Humanity or Carcassone, February is your chance. According to OnTableTop, February is “Snag-A-Normie” month where you’re encouraged to introduce others to tabletop gaming.

From the site:

During this month you can get friends who have never looked at a miniature or gaming piece into this awesome world so more people can experience just how rewarding tabletop gaming can be.

During the month of February, we’re looking to spread the love and get more people invested in our tabletop hobby. This could mean sitting them down for an introductory session of your favourite miniatures game or perhaps going to a Friendly Local Gaming Store to play a few card or board games.

Perhaps your friends are of the arty persuasion? Well, in that case, break out your paints and gift them a model to paint with you whilst you get stuck into some quality time together. Whatever you do, we’re looking to try and get more people interested in the amazing hobby which plays such a big role in our lives.

What should you play? Here are a few games we love:

Escape the Dark Castle – A great dungeon-building game that takes the best of D&D and simplifies it, making it far quicker and more fun.

Carcassone – One of the best games ever. You build cities, maps, and populate a little world with against friends and family. A must have.

Dominion – A great, Magic-like card game without all the complexity. Great for kids as well.

Scythe – A fascinating game in which you control abandoned war mechs. Instead of fighting, however, your battle-fatigued warriors need to rebuild a society and bring it into a more advanced age. The best part? The beautiful game art.

What are your favorite board games?

Photo by?Zoe Holling?on?Unsplash

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