The BioLite FirePit – now accesorized!

If you recall, over the summer, we went hands-on with the BioLite Camp Stove (seen here). I came away impressed with the little stove (and the gadgety goodness it brought to the mix). Well, if you’re thinking you want that tech, but supersized, they’ve got you covered. The BioLite FirePit has been around a bit (and looks pretty cool in my opinion), and today’s news extends it’s capabilities.

Sure, with the BioLite FirePit, you can – just as with any fire pit – have a nice little campfire going in your backyard, perfect for crisp fall evenings to sit around, toast some marshmallows, and gather (even in a socially distant manner) with family and friends. But what if you want to cook up some food? Sure, you could fire up your grill, but why have two things going at once?

That’s where the new accessories come into play. Basically, you can turn your BioLite FirePit into a covered grill, throw a perfectly-sized cast iron griddle on top (for cooking, well, anything), and use some tools ready to stand up to the heat coming from the flames. Here’s the full run-down:

  • FirePit Grill Lid – $59.95?-?The FirePit Grill Lid easily attaches to the top of the unit, converting the hibachi grill into the perfect slow-roasting grilling atmosphere, the FirePit Grill Lid is great for tailgating, backyard barbecues, and family camping trips.?
  • FirePit Griddle – $49.95 -?This fit-to-scale cast iron griddle, fits perfectly to the FirePit surface, allowing you to cook pancakes, bacon, and eggs over an open-flame Fire.
  • FirePit ToolKit – $39.95 -?Featuring a Santoku Knife, Slotted Turner, Locking Tongs, and Polyester Tool Roll these tools are crafted with grilling perfection in mind. With added length in each of Turner and Tong handles, these tools are made to withstand the heat of the flames. Easily roll them into a durable, plastic chef’s roll for traveling between setups.

You want a bundle? Well, they’ve got bundles as well!

  • BioLite Cook Accessory Set:?BioLite’s newest cooking accessories plus a BioLite bandana, bundled together as a set.?
    • Includes?FirePit Griddle, FirePit Lid, Prep & Grill Toolkit, and BioLite Bandana.
    • Retail Value: $157.80?|?KIT PRICE: $142.02
  • BioLite FirePit Cooking Kit:?Includes the array of outdoor cooking accessories to get started with the ultimate outdoor cooking device, the FirePit.?
    • Includes: FirePit, Griddle, FirePit Lid, Prep & Grill Toolkit, BioLite Fueled by Fire Cookbook.
    • Retail Value: $414.75?|?KIT PRICE: $373.28
  • BioLite FirePit Starter Kit😕(Formerly, BioLite’s #1 selling bundle with a new name)
    • Includes: BioLite FirePit, FireMat, FirePoker, Solar Carry Case
    • Retail Value: $379.80?|?KIT PRICE:?$339.80

If those weren’t enough, they also recommend this pretty trick campset from Sea to Summit that’ll help extend the capability of any cookfire. So, we’ve got the prices up there for the various add-ons, and those are on top of the $249.95 that the BioLite FirePit runs for. In terms of the nicer fire pits that I’ve seen out in the market, this looks to be a good price, especially considering that it can burn charcoal or wood, and with the electronic pack on the side (that your phone can communicate with via BlueTooth) allowing it to go for up to 24 hours straight (just keep it fueled up).

Suffice to say, the BioLite FirePit sure looks like a major upgrade to the old, simple metal bowl you’ve got in the backyard with the screen on top that keeps rusting out (or maybe that’s just me). Either way, cooler temps are here, and if you want to gee-whiz with your fire, this is a solid option to have a look at. We’ll leave you with a video recipe (below) to whet your appetite.

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