CES 2023: Monoprice Pure Outdoor 10″ Aluminum flashlight

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is starting up on January 5th, which means there’s going to be a flood of information coming out from the show. Monoprice, who we’re used to offering up inexpensive cables and sound options, is also releasing a bunch of new things. While their docks and monitors are looking interesting, the first thing that caught my eye was the new Monoprice Pure Outdoor 10″ Aluminum flashlight.

While I tend towards smaller flashlights that are easy to slip into a pocket, there’s a time and a place for a big old flashlight as well. For decades now, I’ve had a 3 C-Cell Maglite kicking around (which I upgraded to an LED at some point). They’re handy when you just want to throw a ton of light at something, be it something making noises out in the woods while you’re camping, or you’re looking for the circuit breakers in the basement.

While my giant Maglite has been quite trusty, the Monoprice Pure Outdoor 10″ Aluminum flashlight has a number of things going for it. For one, it’s got 4 LEDS in the head, which allows it to throw up to 1800 lumens out up to 1100 feet away. It’s also got a UI built into it that allows you to switch between low, medium, and high light outputs. If you’ve not experienced being able to adjust the amount of light you get out of a flashlight, that is definitely a feature you want to be looking for.

While the Monoprice Pure Outdoor 10″ Aluminum flashlight does rely on three D-cell batteries, they’ve done what they can to keep the weight down by making the body out of aluminum (which will also help pull heat away from the LED emitters). It looks to have an IP4 rating, which is a touch confusing. You generally want big flashlights like this to have some water resistance (so you can, you know, use them in the rain) but a strict IP4 rating would seem to indicate that it’s just keeping dirt out, and not focused on water (which would be an IPX4, where the X indicates what physical (non-water) objects can get through).

That said, they may not have gone for the full rating, and will hopefully have put some O-Rings around the lens, tail cap, and where the head seats onto the body to help keep things watertight. Oh, and of course at the power button. That all said, we’re working with the brand to get one of these in for review once they’re available (pricing looks to be $29.99), so we’ll let know more about that then. In the meantime, you can check out all their camping options directly over at monoprice.com

Tech Specs from Monoprice

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