The best jacket you’ll ever wear is $90 off

I’m a huge fan of ScottEVest. I’ve worn their stuff for years and as a traveler, I’ve always appreciated the ruggedness of the material and, most of all, the pockets.

Now their new jacket, the Revolution 2.0, is $210 on their website, $90 off the regular price. I encourage you to check it out.

The first and best feature of this jacket is the massive internal pocket. When I travel, I like to stuff all of my stuff – my wallet, my belt, my passport – into these internal pockets and when I go for longer walks with my laptop I don’t carry a backpack but instead stuff it into this massive pocket.

You also get multiple external pockets including two lapel pockets that are about as secure as you get when it comes to a travel jacket. A built-in cable management system also allows you to run headphones or chargers up and down your body.

The company is having a 30% off Black Friday sale and they’re well worth checking out. If you ever find yourself at the TSA line with your belt, shoes, a handful of coins, and 50 paper receipts in your hand you’ll appreciate having somewhere to stash all that stuff.

John Biggs

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