The Apple Silicon DTK Developer Transition Kit is a Mac mini with iPad Pro guts

The Apple Developer Transition Kit for the new Apple Silicon Macs is a Mac mini enclosure with power – and orders will start being fulfilled this week.

The DTK has 16GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD, and the A12z Bionic that powers the 2020 iPad Pro. It will ship with macOS Big Sur beta, and Xcode so that developers can compile their apps for native Apple Silicon.

Quick Start Program Lets Developers Get Started Today

Developers can apply to the program at?, and the total cost of the program is $500.

The resulting binaries most developers should ship is a “fat binary” or Universal 2 app, containing native code for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

The DTK will come with hands-on labs, prioritized developer tickets for support in adapting code, among other things.

14 years ago when Apple changed from PPC to Intel, DTKs were paid for, and then had to be returned to Apple, exchanged for credit towards a publicly released Mac.

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