Take your game on the road with the Dungeon Box Pocket

Well, at least, when it’s actually ok and safe for you to take your game on the road. I seem to be featuring a number of TTRPG accessories as of late, and I blame it on the resurgence of the popularity of it as a game genre, as well as playing it with friends at work (virtually, these days). One of the latest to cross my crystal orb is the Dungeon Box Pocket.

I find the Dungeon Box Pocket to be interesting for a variety of reasons. First off, it’s a fairly compact design, easy to slip into a backback or even a back pocket, if you wanted. It manages to hold your dice, and when opened up, gives you a convenient dice-rolling tray (don’t need them hitting the floor for a disadvantage pentalty ala Rivals of Waterdeep), and spot to pop your phone in (if you’re using it as a character sheet).

The fact that the Dungeon Box Pocket can do all of that, and fit a full set of dice AND a mini in there, well, that’s just cool (which reminds me, my character’s mini has been stuck at the office for 2+ months now…). Given the photos, you’re right to assume that it’s made from wood, and comes in a variety of finishes. The wood here, though? It’s actually bamboo, utilized the world over for all manner of things. Key to my way of thinking is the fact that it’s a sustainable material, so you can feel good about backing this here project.

In fact, the Dungeon Box Pocket is the second project from Dungeons Co, the first being a full-sized version of what you see here (think of it this way – it could hold a tablet rather than a phone). I’m still sort of finding my way as a DM for my crew, so I’m not sure what size device I’d actually use (I tend to use the laptop and a folder), but I do rather like the idea of this compact case than can slip into a bag quite easily.

The Dungeon Box Pocket has pricing that starts at just $29 (plus shipping) for the natural finish; different stains and some custom designs bump the price up a bit. Even in the base natural finish, it’s a decided upgrade over the cheap velvet-touch bags most dice come with, or your beat up Crown Royal bag. The campaign is definitely fully-funded, and on the march to some stretch goals before things close out on June 11, 2020. They’re already planning the second wave of shipping for in July, which is where I’ve put my pledge. That’s right, gaming friends – put my money where my mouth is on this one! campaign page

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