Steamwatchers is the next big mecha boardgame

My current favorite boardgame, Scythe, scratches all of my tabletop itches. A simple, compelling gameplay connected with some amazing art and story makes for a great evening. That said, I hope that Steamwatchers could possible supplant Scythe when it ships in a year.

First, just take a look at these pieces:

I don’t exactly know what all of these pieces do but who doesn’t want a bunch of mechs and warriors on a game board that looks like a AAA Trip-Tik of a post-apocalyptic earth?

The game is shipping in March 2021 and the basic set costs $89 right now on Kickstarter. We’ll try to get a copy in to play but until then, just drool at those figurines and hope that the weird blue-eyed bear is able to eat metal.

John Biggs

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