Steelhead announces two new home safes

I’m not a big gun guy but I figure if you have a gun you’re definitely going to want a safe. Steelhead has your covered.

These beasts come in two styles – old-timey Rustic Nomad 32 and the Tactical 32 – so you can match your safe to your decor.

The 32 is the safes’ exterior width and according to the company these guys can store 8-19 long guns.

From the release:

The Rustic Nomad 32 is a unique addition, featuring the Rocky Mountain Rust finish, featuring the beauty of natural age, patina, and rust. The rugged yet refined exterior is created using a meticulous process of oxidizing and neutralizing raw steel panels before applying a matte clear powder coating. Prices for the Rustic Nomad 32 start at $4,000.

Joining the Recon series of tactical safes, the Recon 32 modular gun safe sets itself apart with a custom roof rack, designed to store extra gear and range bags securely. The rack’s raised perimeter helps prevent items from falling off, and the flat textured black finish with blacked out hardware adds a stealthy, minimalistic look. Prices for the Recon 32 start at $3,900.

Interestingly, these massive safes can be assembled by two people and don’t require special movers.

“We recognized the demand for more mid-size gun safes in our most popular finishes,” said Steelhead Outdoors Co-Founder Corey Meyer. “We’re pleased to add these options to our standard lineup. We can still help customers design a custom safe that meets their size requirements along with a multitude of exterior and interior finish options.”

The safes are fireproof and use “either the group II S&G Titan direct-drive electronic keypad for rapid access or the group II dial lock for battery-less mechanical dependability.”

“The patent-pending construction of the Steelhead Outdoors safes features a dual-stage fire protection system that does away with the need for dehumidifiers. A radiant heat-reflecting coating rejects incoming heat, and the metal interior, made from nearly 100 percent nonflammable materials, provides added protection. The ceramic fire insulation used in the panels is rated to withstand temperatures of up to 2300 degrees, ensuring optimal security for precious firearms,” writes the team.

The safes are available now on the company’s website.

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