SND-RAY: Classic shades with silent tunes

Hey, you remember those funky Oakleys with built in headphones that Dog the Bounty Hunter wore, right? Well, it takes a certain style to pull those off, I think. What if, however, you could have some classic Wayfarer style shades with “hidden” headphones built in? That’s what the SND-RAY has on tap.

Right up front, the style of the SND-RAY is immediately recognizable. The frames are made of lightweight nylon and have titanium hinges at the temples. Lenses? Aside from a variety of colors, they’re polarized, which is definitely what you want. So, they’ve got the looks down. But how is it piping the tunes?

Via the magic of bone conduction. I’ve never owned a bone conduction set, but the friends and coworkers that have them do really, really like what they offer. Sure, they’re not going to do all the fancy active noise cancellation, but they DO pipe that sound right inside your head. Meaning, whatever you’re listening to, there’s no sound leakage at all. Even handling a phone call, all folks would hear would be your side of the conversation.

Surprisingly – for a set of sunglasses – the battery life is offering up to 6 hours of playback, and a week of standby. 6 hours may not sound like much, but it’s not like you’re going to be wearing these all day. You’ll have them on in your commute, or perhaps while you’re out for a bike ride or a run (and still able to hear what’s going on around you in the street).

If this sounds like a good idea to you, you can check the SND-RAY out over on Indiegogo. They are way over-funded, and they’ve got a few days left to go, with the lowest tier of pricing coming in at $119. You can check out all the details, and get your pledge in, right here: campaign page

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