Shrinking things down with the PaMu Slide Mini

A little bit under a year ago, I went hands-on with my first set of true wireless earbuds in the form of the PaMu Slide (you can see that review here). Well, here we are, and the technology parade marches on, which means it’s time for a new version to hit the street, in the form of the PaMu Slide Mini.

In that first version, the “slide” part of the name was pretty obvious – you slide the lid of the charging case open to get at the earbuds. With the PaMu Slide Mini, you do lose that, but in return, you get a much more compact carrying case.

You see, with the original version, the PaMu Slide also offered wireless charging (of your phone) from the earbud case. Not everyone needs (or wants) that, so Padmate cut all of that out of there, and gave us one seriously compact case. What this means is it’s easy to pop into your workbag or a pocket, and have them ready to go.

Old vs new

In terms of audio performance, these are decent buds, with performance the same as what my impression was of the original. With everything sort of locked down these days, I took these out on the trail for my morning jogs while listening to podcasts (these days it’s been catching up on Rivals of Waterdeep). They get the sound coming through to my ears, and there wasn’t any danger of them popping out of my ears as I jogged (you’ve got a variety of eartips to get the fit you want).

Old vs new

As with the originals, the PaMu Slide Mini also offer you touch controls on the buds themselves, giving you the capability to pause/play, skip tracks, and adjust the volume (as well as answer calls). In short, the earbuds themselves are just like the originals. The big change here is that compact case, which I think a lot of folks would appreciate. While the list on the PaMu Slide Mini is $149, it looks like they’re running at $56 now, direct from the brand.

Tech Specs from Padmate

  • Features Bluetooth Chip QCC3020
  • 30 hours playback on one charge
  • Awesome sound with booming bass
  • Touch Controls for easy operation
  • Water Resistance:IPX6
  • Wireless charging 
  • Smaller Charging Case

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