Disney thinks they own #MayThe4th

Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service, asked people to share their favorite Star Wars memories with the hashtag #MayThe4th, and then in a follow-up tweet, posted terms and conditions, saying they had all rights to use your tweet and username across all media. Disney, bringing us entertainment, powered by legalese.

  1. Disney do not own #MayThe4th.
  2. They do own a trademark on May The 4th Be With You, filed in 2011.
  3. They say their terms allow them to use your tweet and username across all media if you share your message with them and use the #MayThe4th hashtag.

Now, it’s important to point out that they didn’t try and impose these contract terms on anyone in their first tweet, no they did it in a followup.

Do they own your tweet if you @ them, with the hashtag #MayThe4th?

No. That’s not what they’re claiming, although they might do it anyway.

Do they own your tweet if you @ them in reply to their post asking you to tweet them with the hashtag? Well, -not-really.

If they had put these terms in their original tweet, maybe.

Putting them in their follow-up, not nearly as clear – what of all the people that tweeted them before they posted the terms?

Let’s go to law-twitter!

Law twitter is entertaining, generally enlightening, but not legal advice.

In any case, Disney should know better than the bring legal terms to twitter, it only ends up with people making fun of them instead of sharing the kinds of memories they hoped for.

People making fun of Disney’s attempt to subject people to terms they didn’t agree to.
These people are awesome.

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