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For those not familiar with state of the art in vibrator tech, the current trend is for computer or phone-controlled vibration. This means you can connect your vibrator to your phone and have it buzz, say, in time with “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles or even let your faraway lover control your vibrator remotely, which makes for some explaining when you start wiggling around at Petsmart.

The Ohmibod Foxy is the latest of these devices from Ohmibod, a company that has been pushing the envelope, so to speak, in sex-positive toys for years.

This weird-looking $129 vibrator is supposed to sit inside the underpants of your intended. It stays in place thanks to a powerful magnet and if you leave it on and connected to a phone, you can send jolts of various kinds to the test subject. You can let it react to music on Spotify or in the area, you can “tap” it to activate it at various speeds and sensations, and you can run little programs designed to bring the device’s edges to a crashing crescendo.

Does it work?


Should you buy it?


How does the Ohmibod Foxy work?

The device works as advertised. You can connect to it locally or remotely. To connect remotely you have to create an account and connect with the intended subject’s app. Then you can text, voice, or video chat and send each other various vibratory messages, as needed, during the discussion. The system itself is quite cool and the app is great and definitely well-built, not like similar sex toy apps I’ve seen over the years.

In terms of sensations, I’ve been notified that this works very well. The various settings and vibratory permutations work surprisingly well and all of them perform to task. We tested the “in panties surprise” aspect of the toy and found it quite comical and/or sexy and the entire package is well-made and discrete.

Is the Ohmibod Foxy a good vibrator?

Ohmibod makes great vibrators and this is one of their best. I’m consistently pleased with their products – as is my partner – and I recommend them whenever anyone asks. Ohmibod does a great job with these devices. They’ve long been at the forefront of design and their focus on fun and comfort is refreshing in a world of jarring sex toys. The price is definitely a bit high for a device like this but remember that you can use it to connect remotely so if you’re in a long-distance relationship this thing works a treat. It’s sexy, fun, and works very well.

Need a remote vibe? Friends, the Foxy is for you.

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