Recently released: iFi Audio iDSD Diablo 2

If you’re in the camp that is all about having a headphone amp in the mix, you’re likely not too concerned about the sizing and portability, or even how you’re powering it. However, maybe you’ve gotten used to that higher-quality sound, and you’re looking at a return to the office. What are your options? Well, one is go back to whatever your laptop or phone can provide. That’s not the only option, though, especially with the just-announced iFi Audio iDSD Diablo 2.

Obviously, with a name of iFi Audio iDSD Diablo 2, this is a successor to the version introduced all the way back in January of 2021. We’re a fan of a few different features of this new device, including:

  • An on-board 4800 mAh battery providing up to 12 hours of usage
  • Compact size and weight, great for putting into a backpack
  • An included case to protect it in your bag
  • The ability to act as just a DAC, a DAC/headphone amp, or an analog headphone amp
  • Support for Bluetooth 5.4 – enabling lossless streaming
  • A locking volume knob, preventing the thing from being turned down (or cranked up) when you’re on the move

Basically, you should be able to hook up just about anything you want to this amp – for both inputs and outputs – and have some dramatically improved audio tickling your eardrums. If you want to check out even more details, and perhaps order your own (for $1,200) to add to your office carry, just head over to


    • Powerful, responsive, fluid and detailed – the iDSD Diablo 2 delivers a bewitching sonic performance
    • Multiple operational modes: DAC/headphone amp, pure DAC, analogue headphone amp
    • Powered by battery or mains – iPower 2 power supply with active noise cancellation included
    • High-capacity lithium-ion battery permits remarkable amp power and hours of portable use between charges
    • Supplied with multi-position desktop stand, custom-made travel case and an array of cables and adapters
    • Custom ultra-resolution DAC stage with dual interleaved True Native DAC configuration and advanced XMOS processing
    • Extensive jitter reduction – enhanced GMT femto-precision clock and smart storage cache
    • State-of-the-art HD Bluetooth 5.4 with aptX Lossless – fully optimised performance, whatever your source device
    • Enhanced PureWave fully balanced twin-mono circuit design delivers ultra-low noise and distortion
    • Remarkable amp power – drives the toughest headphone loads with consummate ease
    • Technologies such as Servoless Direct Drive and OptimaLoop elevate performance to the highest level
    • Top-grade audiophile circuit components and sophisticated power supply design ensure exceptional sonic purity
    • Three gain settings and IEMatch ­­– tailor amp power and performance to match your headphones or IEMs
    • Custom bias, EQ and amp circuits for next-generation xMEMS headphone driver technology

Tech Specs

  • Maximum file resolution: 32-bit/768kHz PCM; native DSD512; full MQA decoding to 384kHz
  • Bluetooth format support: aptX Lossless; aptX Adaptive (aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL); LDAC; HWA/LHDC; AAC; SBC
  • Audio inputs: USB–C; coaxial/optical S/PDIF; 4.4mm balanced analogue
  • Audio outputs: 4.4mm balanced headphone; 6.3mm headphone; 4.4mm balanced line-level
  • Headphone gain settings: 0dB; +8dB; +16dB; -12dB (IEMatch)
  • Headphone power – 4.4mm: >19.2V/611mW (@600Ω); >12.9V/5180mW (@32Ω)
  • Headphone power – 6.3mm: >9.6V/153mW (@600Ω); >8.9V/2450mW (@32Ω)
  • Headphone power – xMEMS mode: 28Vpp, 22Ω, 10-14V DC bias
  • Battery life (4800mAh): 6-12 hours, depending on headphone sensitivity, volume and gain mode
  • Dimensions and net weight: 166x85x28.5mm; 455g

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