Ransom Bourbon: Afternoon Beverage Break

Ransom Bourbon

Gather ’round, friends. We here at Knaspack like to tell about all sorts of interesting gear and tech out there in the world, and of course highlight new brands coming on the scene. We also like to unwind at the end of the week, and we’ve got a new one that you might not have run across before. So, read on to see what the Ransom Bourbon whiskey is all about.

Ransom Bourbon

Ransom Bourbon: History

To be fair, Ransom is not actually truly new. They got their start in 1997, and call Sheriden, OR home. This is all on a large farm, vineyard, and distillery; the farm has been certified organic since 2011, and the distillery obtained that mark in 2021. All of their crafting in the distillery is done by hand, so there’s attention paid to what they’re putting together for you and me.

Ransom Bourbon

The first offering we’re taking a look at from them, then, is their Ransom Bourbon whiskey. They’re relying on corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley for their grains (all grown on their organic farm), and once distilled, it’s aged for at least two years in charred American Oak – thought this is a no-age-statement spirit.

Ransom Bourbon


Unwrapping the Ransom Bourbon whiskey, you immediately notice something – this is not your standard bottle with a plastic cap topping a natural cork. Instead, the cap of the bottle is glass, with a soft silicone gasket to help ensure it seals. It takes a little more work to uncork, but it definitely feels like a premium touch.

Ransom Bourbon

Poured into a tumbler, the Ransom Bourbon whiskey has a deep caramel color, with a lightly sweet nose. The first sip (without any additions) is smooth and sweet (just like a bourbon should be), a slippery mouth feel, and that touch of whiskey burn at the end to finish things off. I tend to put a splash of water in mine, and that does open things up a bit. The nose dissipates some, and what you pick up is a bit sharper. In terms of flavor, I felt it made the sweetness more pronounced.

Ransom Bourbon


While I’m known to enjoy a good single malt (usually of the Scottish variety), I find that bourbon is a bit more suited to the warmer weather, as the natural sweetness in the bourbon just fits better. I enjoyed the tasting, and I also appreciate the commitment they’ve got to doing as much as they can (including growing their raw materials) right there on their farm. It’s a premium approach, but you’re not going to break the bank. Ransom Bourbon is available for $37.99 (potentially) at your local shop, or of course online at ransomspirits.com

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