Bottle cap opener Capboom, and the awesomeness of affordable Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a great many things to different people ? some people drive themselves nuts coming up with something complicated and original, others seek to fund their creative writing, and sometimes… sometimes, you get a mad inventor who reinvents a completely everyday item.

This is not to put down the everyday item: kitchen gadgets are a big business. I say this, knowing that I have a favorite can opener. (Kuhn and Rikon, email me.)

So here’s CAPBOOM, a bottle opener. We’ve had bottle openers since 1890. What could possibly be new here?

Let me say it like this: Aside from the sparkling wine, the best part of champagne is the fantastic sound it makes when you uncork a bottle. But this is also somewhat dangerous, where you run the risk of getting a cork in your eye if you aren’t careful. (I know, that would never happen to you. You’re too awesome.)

Opening a wine bottle by sword is also risky – you’re liable to break the bottle badly, and end up with a wasted drink. What if… what if you could get the same fantastic sound of opening, but from a bottle of Pepsi, Coke, or beer?

CAPBOOM’s instructions say to point away from the head, so they’re well aware that an accident would take all the fun out of the festivities, but the point remains, as long as you aren’t pointing it at your head, or leaning over it, you’re going to have a good time.

The loud POP sound CAPBOOM makes generally works best with bottles that have some pressure in them. And well a traditional bottle cap works best, some screw-caps have been shown to work. Besides the loud POP, the cap will rocket skywards as high as 10 meters. It’s pretty impressive.

But perhaps most impressive is that someone can reinvent a common kitchen gadget, make it out of aluminum and zinc alloy, and sell it for 10 USD. Sure, it raised $9000 on kickstarter, but honestly, that’s success. For a piece of metal. That makes you smile when it makes the cap go “CAPBOOM“. Check it out at, they’re running a discount special for the next 24 hours.

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