Puro Sound Labs will save your kids’ hearing

As a father of three, I know kids love headphones. My youngest is currently running around the house with an iPod nano and a pair of cans he found somewhere in my office. The question is whether or not he’s destroying his hearing right now, and I suspect he is.

With Puro you don’t have to worry simply because these things automatically limit the audio coming out of any device. This is the first I’ve seen from this company and they look fairly solid.

The headphones come in multiple colors and there is even a gaming headset models for your little FPS fans. The highest-end headphones cost $99 for the higher end model and they go as low as $29 for simpler models. They’re available on Puro Sounds’ website.

Given that these kids will be wearing these all day long, having some control over the audio is deeply important. They look like a good start.

John Biggs

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