Pwnage Stormbreaker gaming mouse

When it comes to gaming gear, we’re more used to seeing LED lighting getting used, as well as carved-out shells that lower the weight (while allowing that light to shine out), and even adjustments in tracking and click sensitivity. Then we come to something like the Pwnage Stormbreaker gaming mouse that goes another direction altogether.

Pwnage Stormbreaker gaming mouse: Magnesium

Most mice, these days, are made from plastic. Makes sense, as it’s easy to mold and work with, gives you a variety of colors, and it’s lightweight. What plastic may not be, however, is overly durable. For that, you’re thinking metal. Steel is heavy, so why not something else? Turns out, the Pwnage Stormbreaker relies on magnesium, which is lighter than steel and more durable than any plastic you might encounter.

The other interesting trick the Pwnage Stormbreaker has up its sleeve is the optical sensor position. Here, you’re able to adjust where the sensor is (sliding it more towards the scroll wheel, or down closer to your wrist), which could be at play depending on your grip style, or how you’re wanting to track your movements. We’re not sure how much that will impact gameplay (or long-term longevity), but we’re reserving judgement until we can handle one.

If you want to pre-order the 2 GHz wireless Pwnage Stormbreaker, it runs from $179 – $189, depending on the colorway and feet (PTFE or glass) that you select. Check out the details over at

Details from Pwnage

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