Polar and i-tri are teaming up to empower girls

You know Polar for the range of fitness tracking products (like their watches and heart rate straps). While you could certainly use those to train for your own goals, that’s a very solo-focused effort. To flip that coin, Polar is teaming up with i-tri to help out larger groups.

Who is this i-tri organization, you ask? In short, it’s a community-based organization with the focus of empowering middle-school-aged girls to help them achieve incredible things in life through the discipline learned in athletic training. In their own words:

i-tri is an inclusive, immersive, community-based program that fosters self-respect, personal empowerment, self-confidence, positive body image and healthy lifestyle choices for adolescent girls. i-tri?trains them to complete a youth-distance triathlon as a metaphor for life?s journey, giving them the opportunity to set seemingly impossible goals and helping them gain the tools to achieve those goals. What sets i-tri apart is our mind, body and spirit approach.

So, where does Polar fit in? While i-tri is giving these girls the tools to succeed in life, Polar is bringing to that mix the instant (and historical) data feedback loop that can help the girls succeed in the immediate effort of training and competing. i-tri has also been seeing that the girls who participate in the program have made significant gains in their science studies, so this Polar-derived data can give the athlete a new dataset (their very own) to build up their own analyses and figure out what is going on inside themselves as they train.

Frankly, I think the i-tri program itself sounds like a great idea, and I’m glad to see Polar joining in to help these young women succeed in sports and in life. To learn more, visit itrigirls.org and Polar.

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